Public Administration/Public Safety

Program Description

This program is currently inactive, and no new applicants are being considered.

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Public Administration/Public Safety combines the technical skills required of first responders with the management training necessary for success in areas related to public safety. A unique program, the BAS allows students who have already earned an Associate of Applied Science degree or have completed a federal or state certified training program in law enforcement, fire sciences, emergency medical services or related fields to build on their technical specialties with essential learning courses and junior and senior level management classes. Depending on their previous education, students should be able to complete the BAS degree within four additional full-time semesters.

BAS students will be technically and academically prepared for leadership positions in their chosen fields. This degree will assist students in their upward mobility in their area of employment as they move into supervisory positions.

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Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
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The following program is inactive and not accepting applicants:

  • Public Administration/Public Safety (BAS)

PADM 314 Public Organization Theory3 Credits

Examination of the historical development of organizational theory. Focuses on various theoretical approaches to the study of organizational structure and human behavior in public sector organizations.

PADM 315 Public Management3 Credits

Exploration of the concepts and skills essential to successful management in public organizations. Focuses on the management functions critical for success of the organization and how these functions are affected by operating in the public sector.

PADM 350 Ethics in Public Administration3 Credits

Philosophical and practical issues related to ethical decision making in the public sector. Emphasis on the analysis of ethical problems and the development of analytical skills and values framework to act ethically in public service roles.

PADM 396 Topics:1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.

PADM 442 Public Budgeting3 Credits

Examines the principles and practices of resource allocation and the role of the budget in policy development and implementation focusing primarily on state and local government. Focuses on the relationship of the budget to strategic planning, policy implementation and performance measures.

PADM 446 Public Personnel Management3 Credits

Examination of the major issues and components of public personnel systems. Special focus will be placed on the role of the first line government supervisor or middle manager in all facets of personnel administration.

PADM 495 Independent Study1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 6 credit hours.