Colorado Statewide Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Colorado Department of Higher Education Statewide Guaranteed Transfer Courses

Colorado Mesa University offers a wide variety of Essential Learning courses that are approved for Colorado's Guaranteed Transfer Pathways (gtPathways) General Education Curriculum, which ensures their acceptance for transfer to other Colorado public institutions of higher education. Additionally, CMU accepts the transfer of gtPathways approved courses from other Colorado public institutions of higher education. Guaranteed transfer courses are universally transferable across these institutions and are applicable to Essential Learning/General Education requirements within all associate and baccalaureate degree programs.

GT Codes

To determine if a CMU course is eligible for gtPathways transfer, check for a GT code in the course description. Courses approved through Colorado’s gtPathways General Education Curriculum are grouped into five content areas, four of which have sub groupings:

Arts and Humanities:
GT-AH1Arts and Expression
GT-AH2Literature and Humanities
GT-AH3 Ways of Thinking
GT-AH4World Languages 1
GT-CO1Introductory Writing
GT-CO2Intermediate Writing
GT-CO3Advanced Writing
GT-MA1 2
Natural and Physical Sciences:
GT-SC1Lecture Course with Required Laboratory
GT-SC2Lecture Course without Required Laboratory
Social and Behavioral Sciences:
GT-HI1 History
GT-SS1Economic or Political Systems
GT-SS3Human Behavior, Culture, or Social Frameworks

Intermediate, i.e., 200-level.


Note: no subgroups.

All courses (except as noted) listed under the Essential Learning Core Course Requirements section, in addition to STAT 200, have been approved by the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) as guaranteed transfer courses. They also are designated in the Course Descriptions section of this catalog. More information is available at the CDHE transfer website as well as from the CMU Registrar’s Office statewide transfer programs website or a faculty advisor.