Scholarships and Financial Aid


Financial aid at Colorado Mesa University consists of a balanced program of self-help, scholarships, and grants-in-aid awarded for outstanding academic achievement or outstanding performance in special skill areas including vocational skills, athletics, drama, music, etc. Colorado Mesa University also participates in federal and state programs of grants, loans, and student employment, the awarding of which is based primarily on need as determined by a need analysis system approved by the federal government. The application used to determine need is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or Colorado Application for State Financial Aid for ASSET for designated students. 

Financial aid awards that are based on the need analysis system consider family resources as the primary source of funding for education, with federal and state sources considered secondary and supplemental. Because prospective students always apply for more financial aid than there is money available, the following priority order is used:

  1. As stated in federal law, a parent is primarily responsible for payment of educational expenses of a dependent child. Thus, parents of students attending college are expected to make every effort to assist the student financially.
  2. The student, as the benefactor of the educational experience, is the next most responsible person for payment of educational expenses.
  3. The third level of responsibility is from outside sources such as communities, clubs, corporations, etc.
  4. The final level is federal and state financial aid programs. There has never been enough funding to assist all students with need. Therefore, students should make every effort to obtain assistance at one of the three levels listed above.

Accurate and timely information from the student and parents to the Office of Financial Aid is the responsibility of the student. Failure on the part of the student to supply accurate information on the application may result in reduction or total loss of aid.


Office of Financial Aid
Colorado Mesa University
Lowell Heiny Hall Room 117
1100 North Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501-3122
Call toll free 800.982.6372 or 970.248.1396