Applied Technology

This degree is designed for a student who has completed a technical certificate from an area technical college and would like to scaffold that degree into an Associate of Applied Science Degree.  The technical certificate must be from a regionally accredited institution or an institution with which WCCC/CMU has an articulation agreement.  The student may transfer up to 43 Technical Certificate hours into the AAS in Applied Technology degree.  The completed Technical Certificate, any additional technical coursework (from a single area of study) from WCCC needed to bring the total technical hours to 43 hours and the completion of 17 hours of Essential Learning (general education) coursework from CMU and any other degree requirements will allow the student to earn the Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology.  

The  Associate of Applied Science in Applied Technology degree is designed to provide students with an individualized, quality education in a technology area leading to a technical specialty and a core knowledge through Essential Learning (general education) courses.  Applied Technology is an area which encourages students to develop the necessary conceptual understanding, disciplinary skills and subject knowledge to investigate and solve real-life problems. The Career and Technical Certificate in addition to the Essential Learning (general education) hours will prepare students for employment with needed technical and academic skills.

Important information about this program:

  • The Technical certificate must be in an area of study where a complementary AAS is not currently offered through WCCC.
  • Transfer is limited to a Technical Certificate from a regionally accredited institution or an institution with which WCCC has an articulation agreement for the area of study.
  • Eligibility of credit transfer will be determined through transcript evaluation by the Registrar's Office.
  • All transfer credit hours must be a “C” or better to be eligible for transfer.
  • Certificate graduates can transfer up to 43 Certificate credit hours into the AAS in Applied Technology.
  • 17 credits of Essential Learning (general education) and lower division courses taken from CMU are required. 
  • A minimum of 15 of the final 30 credit hours must be taken from CMU/WCCC.
  • Students must complete all other degree requirements.
  • Up to 43 credits from a completed CTE Certificate may be applied to the AAS in Applied Technology. Students completing a CTE Certificate of less than 43 credit hours must complete additional credit hours from a single WCCC technical certificate as approved by an advisor/department head to reach the 43 hour requirement.

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