International Studies

Program Description

The international studies minor recognizes the complex interconnections between academic disciplines, peoples in varying cultural contexts and opportunities for social and economic advancement for our graduates. Students from a wide variety of disciplines can supplement their major in business, social sciences, natural sciences or humanities with an international focus through this minor. Students choose from a menu of options drawn from disciplines across the campus. The interdisciplinary nature of the international studies minor is essential for preparing students to enter the new global marketplace of ideas and goods. Students taking the international studies minor are encouraged to enhance their experience by participating in a variety of study abroad opportunities available while attending CMU.

Contact Information

Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Lowell Heiny Hall 413

INTS 101 Introduction to International Studies3 Credits

Introduction to concepts, paradigms, and theories used to describe and explain International Studies. Attention given to the interdisciplinary nature of academic disciplines, peoples in cultural context, environments, education systems, world resources, social and economic institutions.

INTS 396 Topics1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.