Nurse Aide

Program Description

The Nurse Aide certificate program provides the student with entry-level skills required for employment as a nurse aide in a long-term care facility, an acute care facility, or a home health care agency. Special needs of the geriatric population are emphasized. Students who successfully complete this certificate qualify to take the National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP) Examination in order to become certified and placed on the Colorado Nurse Aide Registry.  Instruction includes basic nursing skills, personal care skills, care of cognitively impaired clients, skills that meet the psycho-social and mental health needs of clients, and basic restorative services. Students gain an understanding of professional communication and interpersonal skills in health care, infection control, safety and emergency procedures, promoting clients’ independence, and respecting clients’ rights. A minimum of 92 hours of training is required.

Students admitted to the Nurse Aide program must undergo a background check, submit proof of immunizations, and obtain professional liability insurance.

Contact Information

Office of Student Services
WCCC, Bishop B102
2508 Blichmann Avenue

NURA 101 Nurse Aide Healthcare Skills4 Credits

Fundamental skills of the nurse aide. Basic nursing skills, communication skills, restorative services, personal care skills, safety and emergency care covered. Includes knowledge and/or principles of asepsis, OSHA and HIPAA regulations. Ethical behaviors, cultural sensitivity, principles of mental health, patient/resident rights addressed.

Fees: Yes.

NURA 170 Nurse Aide Clinical Experience1 Credit

Applies knowledge and skill gained in NURA 101 to patient care. Independent functioning within the nurse aide scope of practice in applying knowledge and skills gained in Nurse Aide Healthcare Skills. Enhanced communication, cultural competency, end of life care, critical thinking and organizational skills emphasized.

Prerequisites: NURA 101.

NURA 196 Topics:1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.