Other Fees and Expenses

Books and Supplies

Course materials and supplies are sold at The Maverick Store, Colorado Mesa University's Bookstore and Fan Shop, located in the University Center and online at www.themaverickstore.com. Other items sold at the store include general books, art supplies, basic school supplies, calculators, imprinted clothing, backpacks, computers, and gift items.

The Maverick Store offers course materials in a variety of formats, including new texts, used texts, rentals and digital materials or e-books. Not all titles will be available in all formats, but many titles are available in multiple formats. Prices will vary depending on format. The estimated cost of course materials is $125-$150 per course. Supply costs vary depending upon student preference and course requirements.

The Maverick Store buys select titles during buyback events held through finals week of fall and spring semesters.

Students may charge store purchases to their student account via the MAVcharge program. This program is available for a limited time at the start of each semester, and credit limits are based on enrollment status. Details on this program, and other payment options are listed on the store website.

Application, Evaluation, and Other Charges

Non-Refundable Fees:

Fee or Charge Amount
Undergraduate Application $30.00
Graduate Application $50.00
Matriculation Fee $140.00
Housing Application Fee $50.00

Other Charges:

Fee or Charge Amount
Housing Pre-payment $150.00
Enrollment Deposit $50.00

Parking Permits:

Fee or Charge Amount
Commuter $110.00
Online Day Permits $5.00
Faculty/Staff $110.00
Motorcycle $20.00
Pay Lots $1/hour
Reserved $300.00
Residence Hall $135.00
Reserved Residence Hall $200.00
Value Lots $50.00

Permits are valid for a full academic year.

Course-Specific Fees

When private and special instructional services are required, additional charges will be incurred by the student. Fees vary with the nature of the instruction. Private instruction in applied music is available from instructors approved by the university. Cost of this instruction is regular per credit hour tuition plus a specified amount for one thirty-minute lesson each week. Other special instructional services and courses that may require students to pay extra fees include: labs, program-specific fees, courses with transportation fees for field trips, and kinesiology courses such as skiing and snowboarding.

Student Health Insurance

CMU works with local health insurance companies to secure discounts for students. The student must contact the provider directly for prices, payments, and claims. Student health insurance rates change each semester. Rates are established by the insurance providers and vary based on coverage selected. Contact information for health insurance providers can be found on the Office of Student Accounts website. 

Personal Technology Recommendations

Colorado Mesa University recognizes the importance of computers as educational tools in the pursuit of higher education. Students are strongly encouraged, to the extent possible, to have a personal computer for their use while attending Colorado Mesa University. Wireless connectivity is available throughout the campus in all buildings, classrooms, and common areas. Wired and wireless access to the Internet is available in all residence halls.

Students who will be purchasing a personal computer, and peripherals, should consider the following recommendations:

Hardware: systems with higher processing power and greater quantities of RAM will improve performance and extend the usable life of the system. Students majoring in computer intensive academic programs of study, such as Mass Communication, Graphic Design, Engineering, and others, are encouraged to consult with their department before purchasing a computer. These types of academic programs may require computers with higher end specifications to support the software used. 

Desktop versus laptop/tablet: desktop computers are generally less expensive than laptops or tablets of comparable computing power. However, portability and wireless connectivity can make laptops or tablets a preferred choice as a desktop replacement or second computer.  Thoughtful consideration of your study habits in and outside of the classroom will help you choose the right type.

Printers: for black and white printing, laser printers are more cost effective compared to ink-jet printers in terms of the per page cost to print. Generally, ink jet printers are an acceptable choice for low volume color printing. Students should also be aware of MAVPrint, CMU’s campus printing system.  This system provides printing in residence hall labs, computer labs, and the Library using campus computers or personal computers.

Software: students may be required to purchase specific software for specific courses. In some cases, students will purchase software along with the textbook used for a given class at a nominal cost. Students should not purchase software until advised by instructors. CMU provides students free access to Microsoft Office 365 applications.  Be sure to visit our Getting Started: Students: Technology to Bring page for more specific information.

Consumer Technology Devices: also, please visit our Getting Started: Students: Technology to Bring page for more specific information regarding the use of consumer technology devices such as smartphones, gaming consoles, media streaming devices, televisions, and other devices that frequently require WiFi access.

Matriculation Fee for New Undergraduate, Transfer, and Graduate Students

A $140 matriculation fee will be assessed the first semester the student is enrolled at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level unless the student is accepted as non-degree seeking at Colorado Mesa University. This is in addition to the published tuition and fees for the courses. The matriculation fee covers add/drop, career placement, credential (resume) services, graduation (petition) and transcripts.