College Opportunity Fund

The State of Colorado allocates money for Colorado in-state undergraduates to help offset the total tuition of their college education. The state’s share of in-state tuition—paid from the College Opportunity Fund (COF)—is available for students once the student signs up for a COF voucher account and authorizes their Colorado Mesa University registration. The funds for the COF voucher will be sent directly to the institution. Students are then responsible only for their remaining share of total tuition.

Most in-state undergraduates qualify for participation in the program. Qualifications and the amount of the voucher are subject to actions by the Colorado General Assembly. Additional details are available on the Colorado Mesa University’s College Opportunity Fund website.

To create a COF voucher account, a student must register at and provide a limited amount of information. Note that the process of creating a voucher account is separate from applying for admission to Colorado Mesa University and can be completed at any time prior to enrolling. Qualifying students who do not establish an account into which the voucher can be deposited are responsible for both the state’s and the student’s share of tuition.