Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance + Master of Business Administration (3+2)

A degree in Finance positions a graduate to be a Chief Financial Officer, Financial Planner, Industrial Broker or Investment Counselor.

An understanding of finance not only prepares students for a variety of interesting and rewarding careers, but also equips them to make better decisions as investors throughout their lives. Virtually every business decision has financial implications and determining whether a particular decision will likely create value or decrease it is the underlying principle of the finance discipline.

Finance graduates are sought to fill a variety of positions that include Financial Analyst, Retail Bank Manager, Cash Manager, Trust Officer, Credit Analyst, Financial Planner, Loan Officer, Real Estate Appraiser, Stockbroker, Insurance Agent, Portfolio Manager, Underwriter, Mortgage Banker, or Pension Fund Manager, to name a few.

For more information about the finance degree, please see (Bachelor of Business Administration and Finance Degree Information).

This program is also the undergraduate component of the 3+2 program, in which students can earn a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Finance Concentration and a Master of Business Administration (MBA, as described below) in five years. Through careful planning and coordination students can complete their four-year degree and their graduate degree simultaneously.  For more information please see 3 + 2 MBA Program Information.

The Colorado Mesa University Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is a challenging program designed to prepare graduates for the changing business world. The degree is awarded after successful completion of 36 semester hours of rigorous study. The program is designed to provide the student with a broad background in business while allowing the student to focus on a specified area of study, if desired. To this end, students acquire knowledge of management operations; an appreciation of the interrelationships involved in business; an understanding of the economic, political and social environment in which businesses function; and behavioral skills that are essential in the manager’s role in the implementation of business decisions. The MBA program endeavors to provide an atmosphere conducive to the development of each student’s ability to think in a creative manner and to effectively problem solve. The program makes extensive use of lectures, seminars, group projects, case studies and independent research. More information about our MBA Program can be found at MBA Program Information.