Kinesiology-Activity (KINA)

KINA 101 Beginning Swimming1 Credit

KINA 102 Intermediate Swimming1 Credit

KINA 103 Springboard Diving1 Credit

KINA 104 Water Polo1 Credit

KINA 105 Water Aerobics1 Credit

KINA 106 Beginning Scuba1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 107 Advanced Scuba1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 108 Canoeing1 Credit

KINA 109 Kayaking1 Credit

KINA 110 River Rafting1 Credit

KINA 111 Rock Climbing1 Credit

KINA 112 Hiking1 Credit

KINA 113 Beginning Bowling1 Credit

KINA 114 Intermediate Bowling1 Credit

KINA 115 Beginning Golf1 Credit

KINA 115A Disc Golf and Ultimate1 Credit

KINA 116 Intermediate Golf1 Credit

KINA 117 Badminton1 Credit

KINA 118 Karate1 Credit

KINA 118A Karate II1 Credit

KINA 119 Archery1 Credit

KINA 120 Backpacking1 Credit

KINA 121 Beginning Tennis1 Credit

KINA 121A Pickleball1 Credit

KINA 122 Intermediate Tennis1 Credit

KINA 123 Racquetball1 Credit

KINA 124 Intermediate Racquetball1 Credit

KINA 125 Handball1 Credit

KINA 126 Fitness Walking1 Credit

KINA 127 Physical Conditioning1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 128 Intermediate Weight Training1 Credit

KINA 129 Weight Training1 Credit

KINA 130 Fitness1 Credit

KINA 131 Low-Impact Aerobics1 Credit

KINA 132 High-Impact Aerobics1 Credit

KINA 133 Downhill Skiing1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 134 Snowboarding1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 135 Telemark Skiing1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 136 Body Shaping1 Credit

KINA 137 Fencing1 Credit

KINA 137A Intermediate Fencing1 Credit

KINA 138 Step Aerobics1 Credit

KINA 139 In-Line Skating1 Credit

KINA 140 Snowshoeing1 Credit

KINA 141 Mountain Biking1 Credit

KINA 142 Self-Defense1 Credit

KINA 143 Orienteering1 Credit

KINA 144 Pilates1 Credit

KINA 145 Wrestling1 Credit

KINA 146 Indoor Cycling1 Credit

KINA 147 Track and Field1 Credit

KINA 148 Gymnastics1 Credit

KINA 149 Broomball1 Credit

KINA 150 Adaptive Aquatics1 Credit

KINA 151 Adaptive Physical Activity1 Credit

KINA 152 Softball1 Credit

KINA 153 Adaptive Aquatics II1 Credit

KINA 154 Beginning Ice Hockey1 Credit

KINA 155 Beginning Ice Skating1 Credit

KINA 156 Soccer1 Credit

KINA 157 Adaptive Physical Activity II1 Credit

KINA 158 Speedball1 Credit

KINA 159 Aikido1 Credit

KINA 160A Nordic Skiing1 Credit

KINA 161 Two-Person Outdoor Volleyball1 Credit

KINA 162 Volleyball1 Credit

KINA 163 Intermediate Volleyball1 Credit

KINA 164 Beginning Basketball1 Credit

KINA 165 Intermediate Basketball1 Credit

KINA 166 Flag Football1 Credit

KINA 166A Touch Rugby1 Credit

KINA 167 Tai Chi1 Credit

KINA 168 Hatha Yoga & Relaxation I1 Credit

KINA 169 Hatha Yoga & Relaxation II1 Credit

KINA 170 Latin Rhythms1 Credit

KINA 171 Adaptive Skiing/Snowboarding1 Credit

Fees: Yes.

KINA 174 Social Dance1 Credit

KINA 175 Snorkeling/Free Diving1 Credit

KINA 176 Horseback Riding1 Credit

KINA 180A Varsity Men's Football1 Credit

KINA 180B Varsity Men's Basketball1 Credit

KINA 180C Varsity Men's Baseball1 Credit

KINA 180D Varsity Men's Swimming1 Credit

KINA 180E Varsity Men's Tennis1 Credit

KINA 180H Varsity Men's Soccer1 Credit

KINA 180J Varsity Men's Golf1 Credit

KINA 180K Varsity Men's Track and Field1 Credit

KINA 180M Varsity Men's Wrestling1 Credit

KINA 180N Varsity Men's Lacrosse1 Credit

KINA 180P Varsity Men's Cross Country1 Credit

KINA 180Q Varsity Men's Hockey1 Credit

KINA 181B Varsity Women's Basketball1 Credit

KINA 181D Varsity Women's Swimming1 Credit

KINA 181E Varsity Women's Tennis1 Credit

KINA 181F Varsity Women's Volleyball1 Credit

KINA 181G Varsity Women's Softball1 Credit

KINA 181H Varsity Women's Soccer1 Credit

KINA 181J Varsity Women's Golf1 Credit

KINA 181K Varsity Women's Track & Field1 Credit

KINA 181N Varsity Women's Lacrosse1 Credit

KINA 181P Varsity Women's Cross Country1 Credit

KINA 181R Varsity Women's Sand Volleyball1 Credit

KINA 182A Varsity Coed Cheerleading1 Credit

KINA 182B Varsity Coed Cycling1 Credit

KINA 182C Varsity Coed Rodeo1 Credit

KINA 182D Varsity Coed Alpine Skiing1 Credit

KINA 182E Varsity Coed Nordic Skiing1 Credit

KINA 396 Topics:1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.