Emergency Management (EMDP)

EMDP 211 Introduction to Emergency Management3 Credits

Introduction to the complex and evolving field of emergency management. Understanding of key stakeholders, principles, and activities involved in an all-hazards, all-phases approach to dealing with disasters developed.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

EMDP 295 Independent Study1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 6 credit hours.

EMDP 321 Hazard Preparedness and Mitigation3 Credits

Examination of methods and application of practices in preparing for and mitigating against hazards. Includes developing an understanding of risk and vulnerability, and their relationship with public policy and implementation actions relevant to hazard preparedness and mitigation.

Prerequisites: EMDP 211.

EMDP 331 Disaster Response and Recovery3 Credits

Examination of practices and principles that promote effective disaster response and recovery operations. Review of popular myths and realities regarding human behavior in catastrophic events in addition to divergent approaches for disaster management. Includes developing an understanding of the Incident Command System, National Incident Management System, and emergency operations centers.

Prerequisites: EMDP 211.