Transportation Services -Diesel (TSTD)

TSTD 177 Air Systems Repair and Service2 Credits

This course studies the air systems on the heavy duty truck. The brakes, transmission shift, seats, and rear axle shift will be covered, to include, service and repair of components and systems. Repair of foundation brakes will also be included.

TSTD 215 Diesel Engine Reconditioning5 Credits

Industry standard rebuild practices for diesel engines. R & R of engine, complete disassembly, assembly and running of engine is covered. Tune-up and fuel system adjustment are covered.

TSTD 265 Diesel Engine Controls3 Credits

Repair and diagnosis of engine control systems with an emphasis on scan tool diagnosis and live hands-on repair of systems.

TSTD 275 Heavy Duty Suspension2 Credits

Types of on-road suspensions, tires, repair of components, diagnosis, measurements, and adjustments to front and rear suspensions.