Multimedia Animation (MGDA)

MGDA 105 Creative Development3 Credits

Hands-on strategies for developing, stimulating, and maintaining creativity to accomplish professional and personal goals.

MGDA 120 Digital Design Tools3 Credits

Concentrates on the capabilities of digital cameras, raster photo-editing software, vector drawing software, and digital painting software for use in 3D animation. Explores how these image tools, combined with basic techniques, can be applied to create digital images, graphics, and videos.

MGDA 149 Digital Drawing3 Credits

Explore foundational skills necessary to create characters for use in computer-based 3D animation courses. Learn to draw human and non-human forms first using pencil and paper, then apply those skills with computer graphic design software. Character development, anatomy, dynamic movement and action, and scenery emphasized.

MGDA 150 Previsualization3 Credits

Introduces steps followed by professional media content producers and 3D animators/VR designers for producing preproduction material in a digital environment. Previsualization techniques include scriptwriting for 3D and VR experiences; plus traditional storyboarding, and virtual reality camera/actor layout blocking methods.

MGDA 153 Beginning 3D Animation3 Credits

Encompasses all major aspects of creating 3D characters using animation software. Use of developed characters to learn how to animate for personality.

MGDA 163 Audio Design3 Credits

Explores how audio recording principles enhance multimedia and 3D animated productions.

MGDA 164 Digital Video Editing3 Credits

Introduction to digital non-linear video editing as a 3D Animation tool. Edit, manipulate and compress/export video. Assembly techniques including media management, editing tools, titles, and motion control; transitions and filters, and special effects are explored.

MGDA 196 Topics:1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.

MGDA 225 3D Character Design3 Credits

Explores advanced aspects of creating 3D characters on the computer, with an emphasis on digital sculpture techniques. Also examine facial animation, lip synchronization, scene design, and lighting setups.

MGDA 229 Animation History3 Credits

Overview of the advent and evolution of animation from its earliest origins through the 1990s. Examine important individuals and studios in the animation field. View, analyze, and peer critique animation examples. Social, cultural, artistic movements, and influences on contemporary animation styles and animation techniques are analyzed.

MGDA 250 3D Character Rigging3 Credits

Explore advanced character rigging features for 3D models. Understand adding controls to work with joints, forward kinematic (FK) and inverse kinematic (IK) blending, facial control using phonemes, eye movement, muscle systems, and skinning.

MGDA 265 Digital Compositing3 Credits

Provides fundamental techniques for creating motion graphics, green screen composites, advanced motional tracking data, modifying 3D animation multipass renders, and integration with 3D software.

MGDA 268 Freelancing for Creatives3 Credits

Introduction to freelancing opportunities for people in creative fields. Provides an overview about getting started, networking, financing, law, insurance, intellectual property rights, government regulations, time management, record keeping, taxes, self-promotion, and work-life balance.

MGDA 270 Advanced 3D Animation3 Credits

Investigate advanced 3D animation concepts that include workflow, advanced scene design, lighting, cameras, keyframing, textures, and rendering.

MGDA 285 3D Animation Capstone3 Credits

Develop and produce a short-form 3D animated movie using a production workflow and producing techniques. Explore the production process from conceptualization through finalization.

MGDA 296 Topics1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.