Transportation Services -Core (TSTC)

TSTC 100 Introduction to Transportation Services2 Credits

Introduction to procedures, tool usage, basic shop safety, basic employment skills, job documentation and equipment usage.

TSTC 101 Vehicle Service and Inspection3 Credits

Introduction to vehicle systems, maintenance, inspection, internal combustion engine theory, systems diagnosis, fundamentals and evaluation. Service of the vehicle systems with emphasis on inspection and observation.

TSTC 130 Electrical I2 Credits

Introduction to electrical theory, circuits, components, testing and use of test equipment.

TSTC 160 Electrical II2 Credits

Study of electronic control systems applied to today's modern vehicles. Emphasis on sensors, actuators, and diagnostic techniques.

TSTC 170 Chassis Fundamentals2 Credits

Introduction to front and rear suspension systems, including: steering front end geometry, maintenance, light repair and component nomenclature.

TSTC 171 Brakes I2 Credits

Theory, components, general repair practices and diagnosis of current brake systems.