Transportation Services-Automotive (TSTA)

TSTA 245 Manual Drive Trains4 Credits

Standard repair practices for drive train components to include: clutch, transmission, transaxle, drive axle, driveline, c-v and R & R procedures.

TSTA 247 Automatic Drive Train Service4 Credits

Standard repair practices for automatic drive trains to include: diagnosis, testing, R & R, and servicing of transaxles/rear wheel drive transmissions.

Prerequisites: TSTC 100 and TSTC 101.

TSTA 265 Engine Control Services3 Credits

Repair and diagnosis of engine control systems with an emphasis on scan tool diagnosis and live hands on repair of systems.

Prerequisites: TSTC 100, TSTC 101, TSTC 130, and TSTC 160.

TSTA 267 Body Controls3 Credits

Theory, repair, and diagnosis of body accessories including air bags, electronic monitors, power seats, windows and wipers.

Prerequisites: TSTC 100, TSTC 130, and TSTC 160.

TSTA 275 Alignment and Suspension Service3 Credits

Introduction to anti-lock brake systems to include: ABS types and operation, diagnostics, traction control, stability control, regenerative breaking and active braking systems.

TSTA 286 Hybrid and Alternative Fueled Vehicles2 Credits

Introduction to hybrid and alternative fueled vehicle technology in the transportation industry. Topics include power and transmission designs, batteries, plug-in technology, control systems, safety, associated systems, diagnostics, and repair of modern hybrid/alternative fueled vehicles.

Prerequisites: TSTC 100, TSTC 101, and TSTC 130.

Terms Typically Offered: Spring.

TSTA 287 Engine Performance and Emissions3 Credits

Diagnosis and repair of engine performance and emissions-related failures. Emphasis on strategy based diagnostics through the use of exhaust gas analysis.

Prerequisites: TSTC 100, TSTC 130, TSTC 160, and TSTA 265.