Medical Office Assistant (MOAP)

MOAP 110 Medical Office Administration4 Credits

Learn to perform the administrative duties specifically used in medical offices.

MOAP 111 Introduction to Medical Assisting3 Credits

Description and career opportunities. Professionalism and effective communication. Overview of health care, types of organizations and health care team. Legal considerations in the medical office, patient rights and the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and principles of law and ethics in health care.

MOAP 130 Medical Office Administration Insurance Billing and Coding3 Credits

Introduction to outpatient coding with topics including identifying medical procedures and services performed (CPT codes), correlating the diagnosis, symptom, complaint or condition (ICD-9 codes), and establishing the medical necessity required for third-party reimbursement.

MOAP 133 Basic Medical Sciences I4 Credits

Organization and function of the human body. Introductory anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of integumentary, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, blood, lymphatic and immune, and respiratory. Health problems, illnesses, diagnostic tests, drug therapy and treatment common in the ambulatory patient care setting.

MOAP 135 Basic Medical Sciences II4 Credits

Organization and function of urinary, male and female reproductive systems, musculoskeletal, and eyes, ears, nose and throat. Implications in pediatrics, geriatrics and nutrition are reviewed. Health problems, illnesses, diagnostic tests, drug therapy and treatment common in the ambulatory patient care setting.

MOAP 136 Introduction to Clinical Skills2 Credits

Principles and procedures. Collection of patient history and data, vital signs, height, weight, and appropriate documentation. Methods of assisting clinicians with physical examinations, procedures, and treatments in the medical office. Infection control and medical asepsis.

MOAP 138 Medical Assisting Laboratory Skills4 Credits

Laboratory skills and techniques for collection, handling, examination and testing of laboratory specimens often encountered in the ambulatory care setting. Emphasizes hands-on experience.

Prerequisites: MOAP 111 and MOAP 136.

MOAP 140 Medical Assisting Clinical Skills4 Credits

Principles and procedures. Methods of assisting clinicians with specialty physical examinations, diagnostic testing, procedures, treatments, and minor surgical procedures in the medical office. Principles of medication administration with an emphasis on oral and parenteral routes of drug administration.

Prerequisites: MOAP 111 and MOAP 136.

MOAP 147 Medical Terminology4 Credits

Basic medical terminology as applied to major systems of the body and related diseases. Includes special applications and related to medical practice with emphasis on spelling.

MOAP 150 Pharmacology for Medical Assistants3 Credits

Overview of pharmacology. Drug action and uses, names, classifications, effects, interactions, regulation and safety. Vaccine and immunization schedules and administration. Information regarding the measurement of medications, dosage calculations, routes of administration, and commonly prescribed drugs in the medical office is provided.

Prerequisites: MOAP 111.

MOAP 183 Medical Assistant Internship5 Credits

Supervised placement in contracted facility for guided experience in application of knowledge and skill acquired in the classroom. Business and clinical procedures. Positions are non-paid due to accreditation requirements. Permission of program coordinator required to begin internship.

MOAP 189 Review for Medical Assistant National Exam1 Credit

Preparation and practice for a national registration examination.

Prerequisites: Permission of Program Director.

MOAP 196 Topics:1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 15 credit hours.