Human Resource Management (HRMA)

HRMA 371 Human Resource Management3 Credits

Principles and applications of basic human resource management (HRM). Survey of the HRM functions in organizations. Topics include staffing, training and development, compensation, safety and health, employee and labor relations, and employee performance management.

Prerequisites: MANG 201, junior or senior standing, or permission of instructor.

HRMA 372 Employment Assessment3 Credits

Knowledge and skills necessary to effectively analyze and forecast organizational staffing requirements, assess, recruit and select candidates, and effectively retain employees in today's complex organizations. Legal aspects of staffing process emphasized.

Prerequisites: HRMA 371.

HRMA 373 Human Resource Management, Leadership, Ethics, and Social Responsibility3 Credits

Review of literature related to Human Resource Management (HRM) and leadership, ethics, and corporate social responsibility. Review articles and books related to the responsibility of HRM leaders and their significant influence on organizational practices, leadership, ethical behavior, and corporate social responsibility.

Prerequisites: HRMA 371 or permission of instructor.

HRMA 475 Compensation and Reward Systems3 Credits

Designing strategic compensation systems. Seniority, merit, incentive pay, person-focused pay. Job evaluation, internal and external equity. Benefits administration. International, executive, and flexible workforce compensation systems. Diversity and ethical considerations.

Prerequisites: HRMA 371, and HRMA 372 (may be taken concurrently with permission of instructor).

HRMA 478 Advanced Human Resource Management3 Credits

Capstone course for HRM concentration. Expanded examinations of human resource topics such as performance appraisal, sexual harassment, religion and spirituality in the workplace, compensation, and labor relations. Reviews current topics in HRM providing a practical application of topics covered in other HRM courses as well as current issues.

Prerequisites: HRMA 371, HRMA 372, HRMA 373, HRMA 475, and senior standing.

HRMA 495 Independent Study1-3 Credits

Course may be taken multiple times up to maximum of 6 credit hours.

HRMA 520 Human Resource Management3 Credits

Provides an in-depth study of the effective use and adaptation to the human resources of an organization through the management of people-related activities. The focus is on the core responsibilities and activities of the HR manager. Also included is a detailed review of current statutes and regulations affecting the HR field.