Civil Engineering (CIVE)

CIVE 127 Engineering Drawing for Civil Engineering3 Credits

Exploration of linetypes, symbols, and drawing and dimensioning standards by generating drawings using drafting instruments and computer-aided-drafting (CAD). Drawings start with basic sketching on the board and continue through 3-D solid modeling on CAD. Print reading includes interpretation of site, foundation, floor, and roof plans, as well as elevations and sections.

Terms Typically Offered: Fall.

CIVE 212 Introduction to Geomatics3 Credits

Introduction to basic linear, angular, area, and volume field measurements common to civil engineering endeavors with application of GPS and GIS technology.

Prerequisites: MATH 151 or MATH 135.

Terms Typically Offered: Fall.

CIVE 313 Theoretical Fluid Mechanics3 Credits

Basic principles of fluid mechanics. Covers fluid properties, hydrostatics, fluid flow concepts, including continuity, energy, momentum, dimensional analysis and similitude, and flow in closed conduits.

Prerequisites: ENGR 261.

CIVE 397 Structured Research1-3 Credits