Residence Life and Dining

On-campus living offers many advantages and choices. The location makes class attendance and activity participation very convenient for Colorado Mesa students. In addition, living on campus relieves the students of many time-consuming responsibilities that enable them to devote more energy to their studies, recreational activities, and making new friends. The many living options we offer help create different opportunities and experiences for you, the student.  First and second year students are required to live on campus, with few exceptions - see Residence Requirements for details.

Each residence hall is staffed with an Area Coordinator or Residence Hall Coordinator, as well as Resident Assistants who are trained to help students. Staff members support the educational mission of the University by helping residents adjust to college life, offering social and educational activities, explaining policies, answering questions, and acting as resources.

Residence Hall Choices

There are several choices of on-campus housing available:

  1. Five traditional residence halls which require a meal plan (most rooms are designed for double occupancy, although there are a limited number of single rooms).
  2. Two semi-suite style residence halls with 4 students per suite that share one bathroom. These halls require a meal plan.
  3. Two suite style residence halls that house 4-9 students, in a mixture of single, super single and double bedrooms—along with sharing two bathrooms and a living area. These halls require a meal plan.
  4. Three apartment complexes, available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. This gives you the true apartment feel, while being on campus and close to everything at Colorado Mesa University.
  5. Two modified apartment complexes of all single rooms in pods of four.  Each pod has a mini kitchen and each floor has 1-2 common kitchens.  Both halls are available for sophomores, juniors, and seniors.  This residence hall requires a modified meal plan (7 meals a week), which is included in the price of the room.

Residence Hall and Dining Contract

Students applying for accommodations on campus are required to submit a $150 prepayment and $50 application processing fee with their signed contract and completed application. On-campus housing is not guaranteed, as availability is limited to approximately 2,659 students. Fall housing applicants will be placed using our auto-assign process until opening day.  Students may use My College Roomie to help find a roommate of their choice.

The Residence Hall and Dining Contract is a legal agreement between the student and Colorado Mesa University regarding housing and meal plans on campus. The contract is in effect for the entire time with Residence Life (generally, a two year span). These services, however, are billed and payable by semester. The schedule for room and meal plan refunds is outlined in the contract.

Residence Requirement

Colorado Mesa University is committed to the success of our students. Knowing that students who live on campus and engage in activities have a greater success rate for graduation and maintain higher GPA's, CMU requires students who have earned less than 60 credit hours and are under the legal drinking age to live on campus, subject to room availability and unless approved for an exemption. 

Students who have more than 60 credit hours and of the legal drinking age may - but are not required to - submit a Housing Application to live on campus. 

Exemptions will be granted for the following reasons.

  1. Resides with parent(s) at their permanent address within Mesa County
  2. Will be the legal drinking age or older before first day of semester in which the exemption is requested; see § 18-13-122(3)(a), C.R.S
  3. Earned 60 or more credit hours 
  4. Lived in CMU housing for four semesters
  5. Married or have a dependent child
  6. Attending only Montrose campus or taking only online classes
  7. Extreme Financial Hardship
    • For an exemption to be granted based on Extreme Financial Hardship, a student is required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the year in which they are requesting an exemption. Residence Life in conjunction with Financial Aid will use unmet need and Expected Family Contribution to determine if you qualify for this exemption.

You may NOT request an exemption based solely on the fact that you have found a less expensive off campus option or because you have signed a lease.

Questions concerning housing on campus should be directed to Residence Life at 970.248.1536 or email

Off-Campus Housing

The university and Residence Life do not manage off-campus housing placements but attempts to assist students in locating housing. Two great resources for CMU students are Off Campus Partners and Almost Home.  “Almost Home” is a Grand Junction community service for listing rental properties and roommate exchange. The listings are posted on the Catholic Outreach website. Properties are not religiously affiliated.

Campus Dining

Campus Dining Services offers food service to students at Colorado Mesa University which includes a choice of two meal plans (prices are per semester):

Plan Service
A Unlimited meals in the Dining Hall with $150 in MAVmoney that can be used at several restaurants around campus
B Unlimited meals in the Dining Hall with $150 in MAVmoney that can be used at several restaurants around campus

Multiple entrees are served with unlimited seconds. Weekday breakfast starts at 6:45am for those in enrolled in meal plan A, and 10:30am for meal plan B.  Only two meal periods are available on Saturday and Sunday (brunch and dinner). Both meal plans have full access to brunch and dinner 10:30am to 1:30pm and 5:00pm to 8:00pm.  Aspen Apartments meals are accessible any time during operating hours.  Menus are planned with special needs in mind with our Simple Servings, Vegan, and Healthy Choices sections.  The General Manager and Executive Chef encourage students with special dietary needs or requests to meet with them to help plan healthy alternatives.  This is at no additional costs to the student.  

Students living in traditional residence hall rooms, semi-suites or suites are required to select a meal plan. Students living in on-campus apartments or living off-campus may purchase meal plans and/ or MAVmoney. Meals are served seven days per week during the academic year with limited meals during short breaks. Commuter students are welcome to purchase any of the resident student meal plans, or try one of our commuter plans. Call or visit the MAVcard Office (970.248.1059) for more information on dining services.

Room and Board Charges

All rates listed below are for the Fall 2023 semester, per student. A $30 per semester charge will be added to all residents’ accounts for a non-refundable activity fee.

Room and Apartment Rates

Meal plan required for all rooms and apartments unless otherwise noted.

Bunting Hall (semi-suite):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Lofted Double $3,360.00
Double room $3,775.00
Single room $4,705.00
Super single $5,240.00

Garfield Hall (traditional):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room $3,105.00

Grand Mesa Hall (suite):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room $3,570.00
Single room $4,705.00
Super single $5,250.00

Monument Hall (semi-suite):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double suite $3,315.00

Lucero Hall:

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Suite, double room $3,450.00
Suite, single room $3,887.50
Apartment, double1 $3,750.00
Apartment, single1 $4,250.00

Meal plan optional

Orchard Avenue Apartments:

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room1 $3,875.00
Single room1 $5,225.00

Meal plan optional

Piñon Hall (traditional):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room $3,105.00
Single room $3,887.50

Rait Hall (traditional):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room $2,280.00
Single room $3,375.00

Tolman Hall (traditional):

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room $2,280.00
Single room $3,375.00

Walnut Ridge Apartments:

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Double room1 $3,410.00
Single room1 $4,080.00

Meal plan optional

Wingate Hall:

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Traditional Double room $3,385.00
Apartment Single Room which includes 7 meals per week $6,147.50

Aspen Apartments:

Room or Apartment Type Rate
Single room which includes 7 meals per week $6,147.50

Meal Plans

All rates are per semester. Meal plans are available to all students and mandatory for those living in a traditional or suite-style residence hall. Plan A and Plan B each include $150.00 in MAVmoney.

Plan Service
A Unlimited Dining Hall, $2,775.00
B Unlimited Dining Hall, $2,555.00

Contact Information

Communication Type Contact Information
Mail Residence Life, Colorado Mesa University, 1100 North Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501
Phone 970.248.1536
Fax 970.248.1979