Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the 2023-2024 academic year are current as of the time that this catalog was published. Students should check the University’s website for the most current rates and information. Note that summer term pre-registration is held at the same time as pre-registration for fall term and follows a separate policy regarding refunds.

Student Liability for Tuition and Fees

As agreed upon in the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement upon registration, students (or parents or legal guardian if student is a minor) incur a financial obligation to Colorado Mesa University. Anyone who registers for one or more classes is expected to pay the full amount of tuition and fees, unless they officially withdraw by the specified deadlines listed on the Important Dates web page. Students are responsible for payment of all incurred charges on student accounts. All charges are due and payable on the first day of class.

A 1% service charge will be assessed each month on all outstanding balances. All accounts are subject to a one-time 25% late fee up to $100.00 in addition to service charges. No student will be allowed to register for classes, graduate or receive transcripts until their account is paid in full.

Students are liable for additional late fees and/or collection fees and costs, including attorney fees and other charges necessary for the collection of any overdue financial obligation incurred by the student.

Student financial information is available on the Colorado Mesa University website. If you have any questions, contact IRIS at 970.248.1177.

Note: Students should consult the Financial Aid Office regarding the eligibility of undergraduate and graduate certificates for financial aid funding.

Refunds and Tuition Adjustments for Course Changes

Once the term starts, the student is liable for tuition and course fees on any registered course regardless of attendance. It is the student’s responsibility to seek guidance on how a change to their course schedule affects Financial Aid disbursements prior to making any changes.

To qualify for a full refund of tuition and course fees, the student must complete a Semester Withdraw request by the end of the second day of the term for 8-16 week courses or by the end of the first day of the term for all courses less than eight weeks. Following the applicable 1-2 day grace period up to the course drop dates, a Semester Withdraw request reverses tuition and course fees for all dropped courses except a $225 partial tuition assessment. After the drop deadline, withdrawing from classes does not adjust tuition and course fees.

Students who stay registered for at least one class may add and drop courses within the published deadlines and will result in adjustments to tuition and fees to reflect the student’s updated course schedule. After the drop deadline, withdrawing from a class does not adjust tuition and course fees.

Students must officially add, drop, or withdraw from courses as noted in the Registration Policies section in this catalog and by the registration dates published on the Important Dates page. 

Student Financial Counseling

If students need assistance with payment arrangements, financial planning, and financial management, please contact IRIS at 970.248.1177, Lowell Heiny Hall 1st Floor.