Research Activities

Research is an important component of graduate study. Specific research requirements and activities are defined by each degree program.

Sponsored Programs

The Office of Sponsored Programs mission is to provide support to faculty and other university personnel in obtaining and administering external funds for research and other scholarly activities. Research at Colorado Mesa University includes explorations that lead to the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge, the development of new applications of existing knowledge, the development of new paradigms for teaching and learning, and/or related creative activities in the fine arts.

The Office of Sponsored Programs is responsible for protecting university interests through the review of sponsored project proposals to non-university sources, contract and grant award review and negotiation, administration of award funds, and policy and procedure initiation and implementation.

Human Subjects and Animal Research

All research conducted by faculty, staff, or students that involves human subjects must be reviewed and approved by the Human Subjects Committee (also known as the Institutional Review Board or IRB). All research conducted by faculty, staff, or students that involves animals must be reviewed and approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). Graduate student research to fulfill course, thesis, or dissertation requirements is also subject to this regulation when animal or human subjects are used.

The Office of Sponsored Programs encourages all students to meet with their advisor if they intend to do research with humans or animals. Human subject research can include something as simple as an interview or survey. Failure to obtain approval by the IRB or IACUC before beginning a research project can be grounds for rejecting a thesis or dissertation and constitutes a serious breach of academic research ethics and federal law.

The policy, procedure, and forms required for human subject or animal research are available on the Sponsored Programs website. In addition, students may contact the Office of Sponsored Programs at

Research Misconduct

In order to fulfill its obligations and ensure the public’s trust, Colorado Mesa University (CMU), as a state institution of higher education, is committed to maintaining the integrity of all research, scholarship, and creative activities. To this end, CMU will take action to prevent research misconduct and, in cases where misconduct is alleged, will actively investigate the allegations. 

In accordance with federal regulations, the University has in place a Misconduct in Research Policy. This policy applies to the conduct of research and/or related activities, whether the research is funded or not and regardless of: the field of study; presentation and/or publication of results; process of applying for funds; expenditure of project funds; and fiscal reporting on the use of project funds. This policy applies to all faculty, students, administrators, and staff on all Colorado Mesa University campuses.  A copy of this policy may be found on the Research Policies and Procedures web page.