Graduate Certificate in Rhetoric and Literary Studies

The graduate certificate in Rhetoric and Literary Studies prepares those who already have a BA in English and need advanced expertise to teach composition and literature in concurrent enrollment high school settings and undergraduate institutions of higher education. The program also allows students to explore particular fields in greater depth, test aptitude for graduate school, or take steps towards an MA in English or Education.

The program focuses on key expertise that forms a well-rounded teacher in an English program:

  • Rhetoric and Composition
  • Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • Creative writing
  • Linguistics

The curriculum invites a deep examination into the texts, contexts, and theories of language, literature, and writing. Students gain a better sense of the field and contribute their own scholarly voice to the conversation. They become close readers, critical thinkers, and creative and insightful writers.

For more information, including program requirements, seeĀ Rhetoric and Literary Studies (Graduate Certificate).