Programs offered by Colorado Mesa University, with certain exceptions, are approved by the Community College and Occupational Education System for the education and training of those veterans and dependents of veterans eligible under applicable public laws. 

A veteran or dependent should work with the CMU Veteran Services Office:

  • to verify a program of study's eligibility for benefits prior to enrolling in the program.
  • to complete the application process for veterans education benefits as soon as the decision to enroll is made. Each semester, the student must enroll in classes and submit all necessary documents. With advance application, the student may avoid needing to make other financial arrangements for payment of tuition and fees, books, supplies and living expenses until VA funds are received.
  • to determine the correct documentation to gain transfer credit for military experience for veterans.
  • when the service member or reservist is unable to attend class or must suspend their studies due to service requirements in order to comply with 34 C.F.R. Section 668.18.

The evaluation of previous postsecondary education and training is mandatory and required for VA beneficiaries. For students utilizing Veterans benefits who are approved for transfer credit as a result of this evaluation, the institution will grant appropriate credit, reduce the program length proportionately, notify the student and Veterans Affairs in writing of this decision, and adjust invoicing of the VA accordingly.