Concurrently Enrolled High School Students

Current enrolled high school students may register for college-level classes through four distinct programs as provided through the Concurrent Enrollment Act (CE).

Early Scholars Program

Through Western Colorado Community College’s Early Scholars Program, high school students may access college-level courses not replicated in the high school curriculum through enrollment on a Colorado Mesa University campus.

High School Scholars Program

College-level courses are taught at participating high schools by qualified and approved high school lecturers for academic programs at Colorado Mesa University.

Technical Scholars Program

Students enrolled in Western Colorado Community College’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school program can earn college credits through the Technical Scholars program.

ASCENT Program

Students meeting program qualifications may also enroll through Colorado’s ASCENT program if they have completed all high school graduation requirements, will have earned at least 12 college credit hours prior to high school completion, and agree to the special enrollment terms of the ASCENT Program. Students should work with their high school counselor to determine eligibility.

Requirements to Participate

To participate in the Concurrent Enrollment Program, students must be currently enrolled in high school (public, private, or home-schooled) and meet all the following in order to be considered (Technical Scholars Program participants are exempt from the requirements below, but must meet other course competency requirements to earn college credit):

  1. Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA;
  2. ACT English score of 18 or higher; or SAT verbal score of 470 or higher; and
  3. ACT Math score of 19 or higher; or SAT math score of 500 or higher;
  4. Approval of high school official.

Note: Students must take the ACCUPLACER assessment if the above tests have not been taken, or if ACT/SAT scores do not meet minimum requirements. ACCUPLACER may be scheduled by contacting the CMU Prometric Testing Center at 970.248.1260 at a cost of $17 per section. ACCUPLACER may also be taken through other college testing centers and scores provided to Western Colorado Community College.

In most cases, the school district will pay the tuition of the student to concurrently attend Colorado Mesa University or Western Colorado Community College. Students (or parents or legal guardians if student is a minor) are always responsible for payment of any and all fees, books, and supplies, as well as payment of tuition not covered by the school district. Students must give notice to the high school 60 days before the beginning of the semester they wish to enroll and have all information submitted to the Western Colorado Community College Student Services Office.

Application Process

Early Scholars/High School Scholars Programs

All students wishing to enroll in the Early Scholars or High School Scholars programs must be enrolled in high school (or, if home-schooled, be at the junior or senior level). Qualified students must complete and submit the following: Online Concurrent Enrollment Application and Concurrent Enrollment Registration Form, current high school transcript, and appropriate test score reports. All Early Scholars or High School Scholars Program students must submit a Concurrent Enrollment Registration form each semester. This form requires completion by the student, lists the desired courses to be taken, and requires the high school official’s approval, as well as signatures from the student and parent/legal guardian. Early Scholars students (taking classes on one of Colorado Mesa University’s campuses) must also submit proof of two (2) measles, mumps, and rubella vaccinations.

Technical Scholars Program

Students earn college credits through the Technical Scholars Program while enrolled in the CTE high school program at Western Colorado Community College. Students must complete and submit the online Concurrent Enrollment Application and Technical Scholars Registration Form (signed by the student and parent/legal guardian) prior to the start of each semester.

ASCENT Program

ASCENT stands for Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment. Students who have completed at least 12 credit hours of postsecondary courses prior to completion of his/her 12th grade year may be eligible for the ASCENT Program. They remain students in their Local Education Provider (LEP) for one year following their 12th grade year, and the LEP receives ASCENT specific per-pupil state funding that it uses to pay their college tuition. Students receive their high-school diplomas at the end of their ASCENT year.

The LEP will pay the tuition (up to the maximum provided by the Department of Education) for qualified ASCENT students; however, students are responsible for fees, books, supplies, as well as any tuition not covered by the LEP. Students must indicate their initial interest through their high school counselor in the Fall semester (see school district for deadline and application). Qualified students must complete and submit the following by June 1st to apply for the ASCENT program: Western Colorado Community College application, ASCENT Registration Form, current high school transcript, and appropriate test score reports.

Obligations for Concurrently Enrolled Students

  1. Upon course registration, students (or parents/legal guardians if student is a minor) incur a financial obligation to CMU.
  2. Students participating in this program must apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF) stipend. A student not registered for COF is responsible for payment of the COF stipend in addition to any additional outstanding tuition/fee charges.
  3. Because Early Scholars/High School Scholars enroll in college-level course(s), participating students must meet the same course requirements as other college and university students.
  4. Most courses taken satisfy university graduation requirements. Note that Activities (KINA), and advanced placement courses are not eligible under the Early Scholars/High School Scholars program.
  5. High School seniors may take developmental basic skills courses under the provisions of the Concurrent Enrollment program. Grades earned in the Concurrent Enrollment program are part of the student’s permanent CMU record and will appear on his/her college transcript; this may affect future university admission and/or scholarship potential.
  6. Course credits will transfer only if a student earns a C or better in the course.
  7. Students who earn a grade of D or F in any CMU or WCCC course while enrolled in the Concurrent Enrollment program will be financially responsible for repayment of all tuition paid for the course to their school district (if applicable). Further, students earning a grade of D or F while enrolled in the Concurrent Enrollment program may be prohibited from enrolling in any additional courses until they successfully pass the failed course(s) and meet their financial obligations for tuition repayment, at the discretion of their high school district.
  8. If students withdraw from a course after the add/drop date, they will receive a grade of W or F on their CMU transcript and will be responsible for all tuition and fees paid. See official university academic calendar for specific dates.
  9. Students participating in this program are not eligible for the following: university activities or sports, and/or federal- or state-funded financial aid, including institutional scholarships funded with general fund dollars.
  10. Registration in the Early Scholars/High School Scholars/Technical Scholars programs does not admit the student into a degree program.
  11. Student should check with their local school district regarding specific eligibility and financial obligations.

Colorado Mesa University does not guarantee that the approved classes will be available upon registration. Before registering for a specific course, students must fulfill the prerequisites listed in the Colorado Mesa University catalog. Visit Concurrent Enrollment for more information.