Admission of Adult Students

Applicants 23 years of age or older and/or who have been out of school for a minimum of five years and who are seeking undergraduate admission to Colorado Mesa University (CMU)/Western Colorado Community College (WCCC) will not be held to the minimum first-time student and/or transfer student GPA admission standards.

Transfer students shall be required to provide official transcripts from each college attended. First-time students and transfer students who have not completed 24 college-level semester credits shall provide an official high school transcript or GED test scores.

In the event an applicant cannot document that they have earned a high school diploma due to the closure of a private high school, then the institution will allow the following Conditional Admission by Exception.


  1. When a student seeking enrollment cannot document having a high school diploma because of school closure, the applicant will sign a statement so stating. Admissions staff will confirm independently that the high school no longer exists.
  2. Requirements for Conditional Admission by Exception:
    1. Complete Placement Examinations in Mathematics and English
      1. If test scores indicate college-level course placement, students may be fully admitted, enroll for a maximum of 12 credit hours in their first semester, and declare a major.
      2. If test scores indicate developmental-level course placement, students must enroll in coursework to remedy any deficiencies in their first semester before and, based on successful completion of developmental courses, can then declare a major in their second semester.